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    Feb 17, 2021• by BecandPip

    Roses and Occasional Soggy Dogs

    This week Dear Reader, Dude has not been living his best life. As regular readers know Dude is my dog. He is also known as 'Oh for fuck sake'' 'stop doing that you idiot' 'nob' and various other...

    Feb 13, 2021• by BecandPip

    Travels with Dude and Other Animals

    Yes, Dear Reader, I have emerged from underneath heavy furniture and am back typing furiously whilst contemplating the last few weeks. And what an incredibly odd introduction to 2021 we are all...

    Oct 29, 2019• by progressivetraveller

    11 Important Things to Do Before You Leave Home

    Create A Final Checklist Before travelling, it is always a good idea to have a final checklist of the things you need to tick off before you head out the door. For peace of mind while you’re...

    Dec 10, 2018• by GypsyCanine

    Camping and traveling with your BFF - Best Furry Friend

    They bring security, or at least an alarm system and they can usually find your camping spot when you get turned around. My 10 year old dog Booboo and I retired from our dog walking business in...

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