Mar 7, 2019• by Best Deal Mexico

Welcome to Paradise, Riviera Maya!

First of all welcome to Mexico and especially to the Yucatan peninsula! The Maya Riviera starts from Puerto Morelos to the Mayan city of Tulum. Secluded but not far from the famous and...

Feb 26, 2019• by Desire

What do I have to take into account for my visit to Mexico?

"Mexico lindo y querido" ... That's how the song is sung, but that does not stop it from being true 🙂 Have you ever heard someone say they do not like Mexico? Because I believe that even before...

Feb 18, 2019• by Desire

Reasons to visit Nuevo León - México

And back from Monterrey! Back to the warm Caribbean temperatures 🙂 But during these days in the north of México, along with another trip there that I did like one year and a half ago, give me the...

Feb 14, 2019• by Desire

Tips for visiting Cancun and its surroundings

Discover the must-sees of this wonderful area of ​​Mexico If there is any place in Mexico that stands out for tourism, we can certainly talk about Cancun and the Riviera Maya. How many times...

Jan 25, 2019• by weporai

Living on $50 a day: Mexico City

If traveling has been a dream but seems a little unaccessible or out of reach, Bia and myself (Alex) are here to bring a confidence boost and reminder that anyone can make it happen. From booking...

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