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By Topline_Travel_Tips | Aug 21, 2019
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BEFORE YOU COME TO BALI - Here are some top tips from Bali resident Camilla aka Topline Travel Tips:

✅Make sure you have your international drivers licence if you plan on hiring a scooter - if from the UK you don’t automatically have this, you get it via the post office for around £7.
✅Ideally make sure your phone is unlocked, so we can help you get a Bali SIM card when you’re here - SO useful & will only cost you under £10 & so easy to do. You can keep your number on WhatsApp & saves you stressing about finding WIFI. We recommend Telekomsel.
✅You do kinda need to ride a scooter when here, Bali traffic is unpredictable & at times you can be stuck in a car for hours. If driving a scooter you MUST get travel insurance, always wear a helmet & watch out for other idiots (note: Canggu full of idiots on mopeds). ⛑
✅GO JEK is a must - it’s the Uber of Bali. If you don’t drive a scooter, no problem hop on a go jek scooter for a tiny amount They also do food changer for hangovers.
✅Don’t over pack! All you need is Flip flops, swimmers, bit of sun cream, some mozzie spray & you’re good 🏻Note, toiletries are limited & overpriced so pack your faves. Leave space in your case as the shopping here is gooood - homeware, clothes, bags, art, jewellery...
✅Bank card’s - Travelling is sooo much easier when you can use the ATM & split costs easily, we’re obsessed with our MONZO card which is free cash withdrawals from ATMS (to a limit)
✅Bali is so affordable, but booze is expensive here; as it’s an Islamic country there’s a high import tax on alcohol - you’re permitted to bring in one bottle of something - so DO from duty free ! I vote gin...
✅Download these apps which are useful here - go jek (like Uber, and so useful as if you don’t ride a moped you can use this app), grab (like Uber again), google maps offline (can download the Bali area offline) and google translate offline (select indonesia Bahasa) 🇮🇩 waze (like maps but useful to see where the traffic jams & police are)


Island adventures

Island adventures

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Written by Topline Travel Tips
Hi I'm Camilla and I live in Bali. Popped over here on Holiday and yet to catch my flight home :) I now run Topline Travel Tips - our mission is to give you the topline, to ensure a good time.

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