Walk Your Own Camino

I watched a documentary on the "Camino" in Spain and fell in love with it immediately. Less than a year later the universe nudged me forward, an it was time to take this 500-mile trek through northern Spain. Pretty quickly into the planning process I realized I would be going on my own. I bought a plane ticket -- to make it official -- and with 2 months to go before departure, I began prepping for the walk.

I knew from the beginning that this needed to be MY Camino, no one else's. I would be traveling there on my own, I would make decisions on my own, and I would sometimes walk on my own. And so I did. It was absolutely wonderful. There were times when I was lonely, times when I felt a bit like an oddball or faced an awkward goodbye. I certainly could have developed better relationships or had better closure. But I did it all my way, and I wouldn't change a thing.

Wherever you go, whatever you do: make time to walk your own "Camino". With friends -- or alone. Wherever you want to go, doing whatever you want to do. There's a place in this world for compromise, but the world needs you to DO YOU. Here's to your journey. . .

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