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By tigresscreek | Sep 22, 2019
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The beautiful country on the Iberian Peninsula and its capital Lisbon. Portugal has rich culture and history with medieval castles, UNESCO world heritage buildings everywhere, golden beaches, traditional desserts, amazing food, and breathtaking views.

Here our Awesome Places to Visit in Lisbon, Portugal


Alfama is Lisbon’s oldest area where only sailors and dock workers used to live. Today, it’s an artisan district with trendy cafes, narrow streets, plazas, delightful valleys, and panoramic views of Lisbon city.

Praca Do Comercio

Praca Do Comercio is one of the most significant square in downtown Lisbon. It used to be the location of the Paco De Riveira Palace, the Royal Palace of Lisbon which the earthquake of 1755 destroyed. Today, Praca Do Comercio displays exquisite work of art, statues, and a colorful architecture. It’s an amazing place to walk around, enjoy talented street performances with great views over the river Tagus. Praca do Comercio gives access to Alfama the oldest district of Lisbon.

The Marquis of Pombal Square

It’s an essential roundabout in the city of Lisbon.The monument is 118 ft tall, and they built it to honor Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo better known by The Marquis of Pombal, a legendary prime-minister. The Marquis leadership the recovery of Lisbon after the earthquake in 1755. He led the whole city’s rebuilding and thanks to his smart approach to the crisis it was possible to avoid epidemics.

Barrio Alto

Barrio Alto is a lovely area with boutiques, shops, and bars. It’s by far, locals and tourists favorite district. There are narrow streets with lots of fascinating buildings to look at.
Even though there are lots of hills like the rest of Lisbon, Barrio Alto is a likely neighborhood to walk around. You will find luxurious stores, bars, specialty shops, and the oldest bookstore in the world.

National Pantheon

The Church of Santa Engrácia is a 17th-century turned into a monument to accommodate tombs for national heroes.The interior is monumental, boasting vast expanses of beauty and splendor. There are heroes from different generations, and the visit is an affordable entrance fee of 4 Euro per person.
The mortal remains of heroes of different generations rest in the National Pantheon. You may find it interesting that the tomb of the great explorer such as Vasco de Gama and the football player Eusebio are in the same place.

Saint Jorge Castle

This castle is full of history. It was established by the Romans in 200 BC. Then, from 480 AC it saw the fall of the Romans to the Visigoths. Moors strengthened the castle by the 714 AC. It saw the conflicts between Christians and Arabs. The Castilian besieged it. In 1498 King Manuel I received Vasco da Gama in this castle after he discovered the sea route to India. In 1755 a major earthquake destroyed it until 1938 when the restoration process started.


Belém locates by the Tagus River and it was once a major maritime port. Today is the home of one of the most mystical and traditional dessert shops in Portugal located only 15 minutes tram ride from the center of Lisbon. Pasteis de Belem are made using the original 187-year-old recipe. They are delicious pastries, and it didn’t take long for the Pasteis de Belém to become the most popular pastry shops in Lisbon. You can eat there but the waiting time can be longer than you think. The locals take it to go, and probably you will too. You can’t leave Lisbon without tasting this deliciousness.

Belem Tower

Built in the 16th century as a fort to protect the coast from foreign attacks. Today is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s also a magnificent example of Manueline architecture.

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