Cool, Hidden and Unusual Things to Do in Prague


We are Balloon Adventures Prague, a bunch of hot air balloon enthusiasts. As locals we want to give you some tips about Prague Hidden Gems, so here we are with series of blog posts. Let’s dive in!

After you spend a few hours wandering around gorgeous Prague and its stunning architectural masterpieces, after you satisfy your hunger with Svíčková and thirst with couple pints of Czech beer, you need to see a little bit of Prague off the beaten track.

1) Have a beer by the Náplavka Riverbank

If you are wondering what to do in Prague, head on down to the Vltava River to the spot called Náplavka. Grab a drink and enjoy beautiful view of the Hradčany Castle panorama while hanging out with swans. Special events are held here during the weekends, especially the Farmers market on Saturday and Sunday mornings are worth visiting. This is where you can find fresh food, local products and handcrafted items.

Naplavka river bank

Naplavka river bank

2) Look down from Lucerna Rooftop

Enjoy unique views in the city centre from the roof terraces of the Prague’s historic Palác Lucerna. Beside irresistible views and a beautiful environment, the roof terraces is hosting various concerts, poetry evenings and other cultural events. They even have a bar on top!
The Rooftop is open every Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 3 p.m. till dusk.

Lucerna roof top

Lucerna roof top

3) Relax on the paddle boats

They say the nicest view of the Prague Castle complex is from the Vltava river. Well, we are not suggesting to swim, rather to rent a paddle boat! You can easily spend an hour or two cruising around the small islands of Vltava and admiring Prague’s panoramas. This activity is definitely one of the most relaxing summer activities available in Prague. The boat rental kiosks are just a few steps away from the Narodni Divadlo tram stop, you are able to walk down to the river and rent paddleboats from numerous vendors. PS: You can even rent a boat shaped as a giant swan!

Paddle boats on river Vltava in Prague

Paddle boats on river Vltava in Prague

4) Eat ‘chlebíčky’ – the iconic Czech food

Visit a cosy family bistro called The Sisters and taste our beloved chlebíčky (small open-faced sandwiches) with a modern twist. The Sisters bistro can be found in the gourmet arcade at Dlouhá street. They are popular for its creative versions of the classic Czech snack, all made using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

Hungry for some "Chlebicky"

5) Catch the sunrise or sunset from our hot air balloon

Who’s up for an adventure? Leave the bustling city centre behind you and touch the sky with our team! The vicinity of Prague has diverse natural landscapes and offer sensational views of wild nature and historical sites. Being able to observe this from the sky is a real privilege. Flying like a bird, above the clouds, enjoying the views and the moment is something that cannot be explained by words in this blog. It must be experienced!

Chateau Konopiste flight area near Prague

Chateau Konopiste flight area near Prague

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Balloon Adventures Prague provides daily balloon flights with sunrise and sunset in the vicinity of Prague, Czech Republic.

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