Famous Food in Boston

By Santodaiz | Jun 6, 2023
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Famous Food in Boston

Famous Food in Boston

With a rich colonial past and global influences (North End we're talking to you) and a beach-side location, Boston certainly has a place at the prestigious dining table. Over the years the city has evolved from its local flavors into internationally recognized and widely appreciated traditional dishes.

Boston baked beans

It's not called "beantown" for nothing. It has a long history of being served at Native American meals, beans slow-cooked in molasses is not just a reference to times of the past as well as to the days when the city was covered in molasses throughout its time of the "triangular trade." The traditional dish is made in tiny crocks along with a brown bread in a sidecar.

A reader Matt from Holliston wrote, "It's the best Boston dish since it's the longest-running and is named after the city! ... It's a great dish. often ate baked beans at Durgin Park (RIP) as well as The Fours (RIP), but the most delicious baked beans can be found at Menotomy Tavern in Arlington. Enjoy them along with cod cakes to get a truly Boston delight."

Boston cream pie

According to the legend, Omni Parker House is the origin of this dessert that's more of an ice cream than a pie. Custard custard is sandwiched between the yellow butter cake and then glazed with chocolate. Virginia S. from Vermont said that the dessert she purchases through Parker House for special occasions and birthdays, Parker House for special occasions and birthday celebrations, is the "perfect combination [of flavors] for a dessert or celebration."


With an Italian neighborhood such as that of the North End within its city boundaries, it's not surprising that Boston is a fan of these delicious cream and pastry creations. It's also the home of some of Boston's most infamous food rivalries (Mike's Modern versus Mike's Modern), Boston knows the place to get these desserts is as crucial as the kind you choose. People who chose cannoli as their top dish recommend both the well-known pastry shops, Mike's Pastry and Modern Pastry and received an equal amount of votes.

Clam Chowder

The authentic New England clam chowder (pronounced chowdah If you like) is a delicious and sour concoction of oysters salt pork or bacon potatoes, cream, and salt pork. Don't forget to include oyster crackers. Todd Z. from Peabody suggested a spot to get this soup at Marblehead telling us, "Get onto the dock, and walk down to The Barnacle for a piping hot dish of deliciousness!"


Milk and syrup are the ingredients in the milkshake, but add ice cream it transforms into a frappe. Rich and satisfying, this dessert drink is a workout to live your life to the fullest.

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