Bhutan at a glance

Bhutan (Land of the Thunder Dragon)

Bhutan (Land of the Thunder Dragon)

Bhutan the “Land of the Thunder Dragon,” is known to have lived for ages as independent and sovereign nation between the two giant neighboring countries, with India in the south and Tibet in the North. Bhutan has remained so far as an independent and isolated country for centuries because of its tiny size and less revered fames. Most of its geographical highland, such as rugged mountains in the north and its deep forest with fast flowing rivers and malaria-infested bushes of the southern foothills, prohibited foreign aliens and visitors to get into Bhutan. However, when the powerful force of globalization and modernization appeared in the western world the isolated independent nation of Bhutan shook to change and accepted the concept of modernization and now stands on the thresholds of historical change. Throughout its process of evolution Bhutan under the guidance of its values and priorities has helped remain a unique country in a rapidly changing world through achieving carefully its modern development. Bhutan has proven itself to the world with all well equipped modern amenities and has proven to be one of the exotic tourist destinations in the world. Bhutan hopes to survive by clinging on to the age-old values that rest of the world has lost.

Key Facts

* Capital City: Thimphu
* Total Area: 38,394 sq km
* Total Population: 753, 9476 [est.2013]
* Religion: Buddhism 75%, Hinduism 20% Other: 5%
* Bhutan Currency: Ngultrum [Nu] at par with Indian Rupee
* Power Supply: 220/240 volts
* Sockets: Round hole two-pin and three-pin power outlet
* National Language: Dzongkha. English is also a medium of communication and most Bhutanese speaks English
* Popular Dish: Ema Datshi [Chili and Cheese]
* Popular Drinks: Suja [Butter tea], bangchang [homebrew beer], Arra [Rice spirit]
* Bhutan Visa: Other than Indian, Bangladeshis and Maldivian nationals, all visitors to Bhutan require a visa.

Bhutan Highlights

The Rich Culture

The unique Bhutanese culture is what our visitors appreciate and like most about Bhutan. The people of Bhutan are a rich mosaic of lifestyles and languages. The Bhutanese language and literature, the art and crafts, ceremonies and events, and basic social and cultural values draw their essence from the religious teachings. The rich cultural heritage of the kingdom has always remained remarkably unblemished. The rich and vibrant age-old tradition and culture are still continued to uphold by every Bhutanese and has a clear significance in their everyday life. The cultural heritage of Bhutan is the main foundation upon which the identity of the Bhutanese people is founded.

The Enchanting Paro Valley

The Enchanting Paro Valley

Festival of Traditions

The festivals in the Land of the Thunder Dragon are rich and happy expressions of its ancient Buddhist culture. Festival are grand events where entire communities come together to witness religious mask dances, receive blessings and socialize. It is believed that every Bhutanese people must attend a festival and witness the mask dances at least once to in order to receive blessings and wash away their sins.

Colorful Bhutan Festival

Colorful Bhutan Festival

Art & Architecture

The traditional Bhutanese architecture is unique and beautiful and they are highly decorative and ornamental. The interesting part of the traditional Bhutanese architecture is that it does not either use nails or iron bars. The Bhutanese traditional architectural grandeur is exhibited beginning from the ordinary dwelling houses to the most impressive public structures such as dzongs and monasteries, temples and chortens, all the architectures are strictly based on the unique architectural designs of Bhutan.

Punakha Dzong (The Palace of Great Happiness)

Punakha Dzong (The Palace of Great Happiness)

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