What to Do in A Day at Heidelberg?

By Wanderwoman_789 | Jun 19, 2020
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If you love walking, you will love Heidelberg! The size of this town is perfect for walks along the river, old market and the castle even without sufficient planning! Here's everything we did in a day, without overexerting ourselves.

Heidelberg Schloss

The Heidelberg castle is a 17th-century castle which is available for public viewing. It's located halfway at the top of the hill and the views from here are perfect. The courtyard at the castle offers an untainted view of the city below! If it is not foggy, then you can see all the tiny houses and cars moving under you. We easily spent about an hour and a half exploring this place. In fact, we left only because it suddenly became too cold for me to stand out in the open! We had even forgotten our lunchtime!


This literally means " King's chair" and rightly so! For 12 Euros per person, the Bergbahn takes you to the top of the hill and the castle- the castle entry is also included in this fee. We decided to go to Königstuhl first- which was right at the top of the hill. This place also had a quaint little cafe where had some hot coffee while also drinking in the view from the hilltop.

Alte Brücke

The old bridge is a great place to stand on top of the river and admire the city view. Loads of tourists simply walk up and down the bridge while enjoying talks with their friends!


If you are ready to walk uphill for around 20 minutes, then walk up along this route to enjoy the view of the castle from its opposite end!

Alt Markt

This is a beautiful, medieval market with modern shops and quaint cafes! If it gets too cold, just have a glass of Gluhwein as we did!

Well, this is pretty much what we did on our second day in Heidelberg. It was a really chilled out day, we did not run around thinking about what's next but rather enjoying the present!

The alleys of Heidelberg

The alleys of Heidelberg

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