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By MyLittleHideouts | Feb 28, 2019

If you have never been or visited Cyprus, you should know that - firstly you are missing out - and that geographically its climate is fantastic all year round, with mild winters and very hot summers. The country is filled with a lot of great history dating back to the middle-ages, so be aware that you are sure to see many historical attractions scattered around. One big advice of mine would be to visit Cyprus around end of September till the beginning of October. The reason being, that Cyprus has one of the best climates during this time, throughout the year - and better yet, because it is right after the summer holidays and just before half term, it can be one of the most relaxing times to go on holiday there.

So, with the little introduction and background information out the way, I want to take you through an utmost relaxing holiday that I had in Paphos. Paphos (for those that are not sure) is situated in the South Western coast of Cyprus - it is known as the mythical birth place of Aphrodite, with many ancient remains. As I went on holiday with my family, we had actually rented out a villa in the area known as Kouklia (old Paphos) - sort of like a village, and a charming one at that. I have to say the views were absolutely breath-taking, particularly at sunset.

Secret Valley Villa Resort - View from our Villa

Secret Valley Villa Resort - View from our Villa

The picture above is just a glimpse of the view we would have every evening at sunset outside our villa - which was located in Secret Valley Villa Resort (near the Kouklia village). Many of the holiday villa rentals around this area have really good prices (Specifically if you are planning to go as a group). Other holiday resorts that were near us were: Aphrodite Hills, Arkadia Villa, Palepaphos Gardens Apartments and much much more.

Now, the surrounding areas around Kouklia are also to die for. One of the places you should definitely visit is Petra tou Romiou (Rock of the "Romans"). You can see this visibly off the main road that takes you from Paphos to Limassol (many tourists tend to visit this attraction a lot as it is extremely popular). Why is this rock so sought-after? Well, according to legends this specific rock was the birth place of the goddess Aphrodite herself. One tip - be present at sunset if you really want to be taken away by the beauty of what the earth has to offer. Just to give you a little insight, I had captured a beautiful sunset on my way from another village near by.

View from the cliff of Petra tou Romiou

View from the cliff of Petra tou Romiou

Further along the road that leads to Paphos, there is a adorable village by the name of Pissouri that has a great vibe and charm to it. The beach in Pissouri may be busy at peak times but its worth the travel, and here is a little heads up - on the far left side there is a naked beach, so don't be shocked to see fellow nudists while you walk along the sandy outskirts of the beach.

Pissouri Beach Resort

Pissouri Beach Resort

Pissouri is a small village, however it is filled with an abundance of shops, restaurants, tavernas and bars. They are currently building many villas on the hills and cliff tops, so if you were thinking of having an international investment somewhere, maybe this would be a place of interest; especially if this is a view you would wake up to every morning (picture below).

View from the highest hill in Pissouri

View from the highest hill in Pissouri

Honestly guys, if haven't visited Cyprus yet, then you should (without a doubt) plan your next holiday or trip there. Whatever it is you're looking for, whether it's history, tranquillity, serenity, sun, bliss or meeting the sweetest and hospitable people, I promise you that you will find it there.

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