Planning a Trip to Carate

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      Aug 17, 2021• by CreateMyAdventure

      What To Know Before You Go

      It happens to me, too. I see a picture online, or watch a show about somewhere that seems fantastic- too good to be true, and I automatically NEED to go there! But before you call your travel...

      Aug 1, 2021• by Travelgirlandherdog

      Practical Travel Tips - Be Prepared!

      If your flight arrives early, check to see if your hotel will let you have an early check in. After arriving at Frankfurt, Germany and going through customs, it was about 8 AM. My travel companion...

      Jul 23, 2021• by hintonthetrail

      How to See America’s National Parks & Monuments

      America's National Parks and Monuments are very popular places to see anytime. They can be especially busy during the on-season (March-October). Whether you go during the on or off-season, these tips...

      Jul 23, 2021• by RedeTurismoBrasil

      Advice for a Business Trip to Brazil

      Are you going on a business trip to Brazil? This article will give you some suggestions to understand some cultural characteristics of this amazing country. There is a consensus that it is a...

      Jul 22, 2021• by StateofUnity

      Embrace the Unknown & Travel with No Reservations

      Allow me to preface this by saying I do not recommend traveling like I did – with zero plans, no reservations, and no one knowing my whereabouts. Admittingly, this lack of planning is part of what...

      Jul 22, 2021• by travelstories195

      Do's and Don'ts While Trekking

      These do's and don'ts are from my own trekking experience, which I did recently for the first time. I trek with 15 like-minded strangers and I've learned a lot about the beauty of nature and I...

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