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Jul 1, 2020• by JoExplores

What to See in Ljubljana on A Short City Break

Ljubljana is the first city I visited in Slovenia and it grabbed me instantly. It’s so peaceful but lively, with vibrant and pretty architecture, bridges stretched over the Ljubljanica River, a...

May 11, 2020• by Kizzie

Chill Out in Scotland’s Three Coolest Cities

Scotland is regularly voted the most beautiful country in the world. And no wonder – with stunning lochs, verdant glens, dramatic mountains and islands with beautiful beaches and azure waters, few...

Mar 3, 2020• by SanaTerraFarm

10 Must-See Sites on Sighișoara, Transylvania, Romania

Embraced by the Carpathians and very close to other emblematic cities such as Sibiu, Targus Mures, and Alba Iulia, Sighișoara is one of our best-kept secrets. In 1999, it was awarded as a World...

Dec 26, 2019• by Annabel_RunSalzburg

Why do a sight-running tour?

Run-seeing? See-running? Guided runs? Running tours? Call it what you like, but the answer is the same. It’s sight-seeing while you run. (End of blog). …(Joking, silly!) Sight-running tours are...

Nov 23, 2019• by Meredith_SD

5 Memorable Cities from Around the Globe: Life as A Permanent Tourist

I’ve genuinely lost count of the number of times I have been berated by inquisitive minds about my favorite country out of ALL of the countries I have been blessed to visit. I find the notion...

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