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By Alis | Jan 4, 2020
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I've lost count of how many times I have been to Spain, starting from the first time, in Valencia, as an au pair. Since then I have never stopped: I undertook the Camino of Santiago, then I visited Madrid, Toledo and later Barcelona. I admit that I had planned for some time to visit Andalucia, the region located in the southern coast of Spain. At last the long awaited days have arrived (thanks to a discount that could not miss on the Ryanair website). Ready to find out what to do in Seville?

November is a crazy month and it was not difficult to realize it, since I found three days out of three rain (fortunately with various interruptions). And who would have thought that I would find this atmosphere in Andalucia? But I admit that nevertheless, Sevilla is really a maravilla and in this article I will explain why.

Before starting with the route, you will find some information on how to get to the center of Seville to / from the airport.

How to Get to The Center of Seville to / from The Airport

There are three options to reach the center of Seville from / to the airport (if we exclude the walk for about three hours 😉). The first is the bus, which departs from arrivals and takes about 40 minutes at a cost of 4 euros (one way). The second option is the inevitable taxi, which costs around 22 euros; while the third and the one I recommend most is Cabify: this is an app similar to Uber, which allows you to save money (the journey from the airport to the center costs about 17 euros). Remember that for the first trips there is a discount and you will spend about 13 euros. Not bad right?

Once you get to the center, I recommend moving around on foot, as Seville's main attractions are all concentrated. It is a pleasure to stroll through the historic central streets and then let's face it: Spain is famous for wines such as Cava, sangria and tinto de verano... better not to risk the license and crawl the car, since the streets are very tight!

After these premises, I would say that we have come to our three-day itinerary in the maravilla of Sevilla.

Three Day Itinerary in Seville

Although Seville is a city on a human scale, there are many things to see and really too much to eat! Armed with comfortable shoes and good resistance, I would say that we can do it. The rain will not stop us and will indeed be a good excuse to spend longer time inside the premises. So let's start with some interisting things to do and see in Seville on our first day.



Seville | Day 1

  • AYUNTAMIENTO of Seville: Seville town hall

In this first day, we mainly focus on visiting the historic center, as the journey took us several hours. After depositing the suitcases in the hotel, we go directly to the center, following the main street of Seville.

It is impossible to avoid noticing the Ayuntamiento of Seville or the town hall, located in the Plaza Nueva. This building represents one of the best examples of Plateresque architecture.
Continuing the walk and walking upside down, observing the details that characterize the Sevillian structures, we come across the main protagonist of Seville: the imposing Cathedral of Santa Maria..

Hunger begins to make itself felt and here every excuse is good to snack! We then continue towards the Barrio de Santa Cruz, the most famous district of Seville. Here we get lost among the many folkloristic alleys that see the white houses, the colorful churches and of course them: the tapas and cerveza bars. It is our first day, so the only advice I can give is to get drunk on food! The tapas are delicious so let's try them all, to find our favorite!

It's now time for shopping, which are open until 9.30pm. Calle Sierpes is the most famous street, an avenue dedicated to shopping fanatics. You will be spoiled for choice ranging from clothing store chains to traditional shops.



Seville | Day 2


Finally it is time to visit the interior of this immense work of Seville Cathedral. The price for the visit which takes about an 'hour and a half, is 9 euro and includes entrance to the tower La Giralda, from which you can admire Seville, in all its beauty. Here are some curiosities of the Cathedral:

  • A UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • The largest Cathedral in Spain and the third in the world.
  • Inside is buried Cristofero Colombo, which is said to come here to pray before leaving for his travels.
  • Before the Cathedral there was the ancient mosque of Seville, with the minaret, which today has been converted into the bell tower, La Giralda.

From inside the Cathedral, a corridor leads to the climb of La Giralda and this time waiting for us there are no escalators or elevators. But do not worry because on the way up are the views from which we can admire the view of Seville. We know well that to enjoy the most beautiful things, we must also work hard!



Therefore we continue the tour towards the Real Alcazar, one of the oldest buildings in the world. The entrance fee is 11,50 € and as in the case of the Cathedral, you can buy tickets on the spot. Given the size of the building and its gardens, even here the residence time is at least an hour and a half: from ornate halls, patios and extensive gardens in bloom, the visit flies. If we consider also the possibility of getting lost among the maze of gardens and fountains, then hasta mañana!

Between lunch and snack became afternoon so what better time to bring us to the Metropol Parasol, a contemporary structure interlocking honeycomb, outside the Sevilla box! It is also known under the name of Las Setas de Sevilla for the shape reminiscent of mushrooms. Needless to say, the view leaves you speechless, at a cost of only three euro. Residence time about 40 minutes.

Metropol Parasol

Metropol Parasol

I would say that today with all these works we educated enough and it's time to take our tapas tour! We enjoy this incredible city waiting for them to face the evening because at 10 pm we have an appointment at " La Carboneria " to assist the free flamenco dancing to the rhythm of beer and sangria. Only recommendation? To find a place get in early!

Seville | Day 3


We decide to leave the most famous square of Spain this last day, to greet Seville in all its beauty. Needless to say as soon as we reach, we are being influenced by the warmth with which we embrace this square. Located in the picturesque Parque de Maria Luisa, was inaugurated on the occasion of the Ibero-American in Seville in 1929. We are seeing a masterpiece that combines different architectural styles using marble, bricks and the famous ceramic tiles. There are also the towers, the central fountain, the four bridges that represent the four kingdoms of Spain and about 48 benches! These represent the Spanish provinces, arranged in alphabetical order. Difficult to choose the province, excuse the finest bench.

Plaza De Espanya

Plaza De Espanya

And after dancing flamenco accompanied by musicians from the Spanish Steps, we are ready to go for a leisurely stroll along the Isabel Bridge (so now we have the iron calves), which leads us to the Triana district. It is said that here was born the Sevillian flamenco, danced by nomadic gypsies. Furthermore, the area is famous for the production of ceramics and the historic market town of Triana, who did not give up a visit and treat as señores given us that it is our last day, tasting oysters accompanied by a good Spanish wine.

Not far from the Triana district, there is another must-see attraction in Seville: the Plaza de Toros, also known as La Maestranza. Do you think the arena counts 14,000 seats, small eh? The ticket price is 8 Euros. The tour lasts about 30-40 minutes and is very interesting to learn about the story behind the tradition of bullfighting.



Walking along the Paseo del Rio Guadalquivir, the only navigable river in Spain, we arrive at the Gold Tower, where is located the naval museum. The color symbolizes the brightness of the gold that is reflected on the river. It was built as a defensive system of the city.



With this attraction we came to the last day of our Sevillian itinerary.

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