Traveling Solo in Cairns

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      Nov 25, 2019• by Meredith_SD

      Cebu City to Oslob: A Backpacker’s Aficionado

      The airport reeks of leaking gasoline. I was warned about the various olfactory stimulants in this town, but wasn’t expecting them immediately after disembarking from the plane. The morning has...

      Nov 20, 2019• by Meredith_SD

      A Few Not-So-Solo Travel Tips from A Female Solo Traveler

      Traveling solo shouldn’t have to translate to being alone, especially in the information age. These days it seems as if anywhere and anyone is accessible with a few clicks of a keyboard. Leaning...

      Oct 8, 2019• by carolinerosetravel

      A Travel Guide to Kuta, Lombok

      No, no, no...not Kuta, Bali...Kuta, LOMBOK. The Kuta in Bali is an overly crowded area known for partying and having way too many drunk Aussies. I stayed one night there and, to say the least...

      Sep 23, 2019• by daringsolo

      Make it a Safe Cycling Adventure

      It is never too late to take out that road bike and begin your cycling journey. Don’t have one? No problem, head down to your local bike shop and give some new bikes a spin. Then, come...

      Aug 5, 2019• by brokegirlmeetsworld

      Tips for Traveling Solo in Morocco

      Morocco had been on my list for a long time before I finally made the trip there this past April. Before I went, so many people warned me that I wouldn’t be safe traveling there solo. I’m so...

      Jun 3, 2019• by TamlynAmber

      Solo Female Travel in Cape Town, South Africa

      Cape Town is arguably one of the most beautiful cities anywhere in the world. Blessed with stunning natural scenery (including the famous Table Mountain), world-class restaurants and accommodation...

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