Traveling Solo in Cairns

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      Mar 20, 2020• by lionsdetour

      How Solo Travel Could Change Your Life

      So it’s no surprise that when we turn our minds to travel, compromise still finds a way to worm itself into our decisions and desires. We all travel for different reasons, some of us like to...

      Mar 19, 2020• by monicanedeff

      Why I Chose Hostels With Female Dorms Traveling Europe Solo

      Traveling on a budget means cheap accommodation, which is why utilizing hostels is a great way to save money. Unfortunately, there are a lot of horror stories out there about hostels, and traveling...

      Mar 16, 2020• by sahaysagar1

      Travel Alone

      You should travel alone sometimes. I did and I learnt a lot. Initially I was not sure how to plan, where to go, where to stay but I had decided that I will do it this time. I started reading a lot of...

      Feb 25, 2020• by meganywhere

      How to Take Photos of Yourself as a Solo Traveler

      One of my favorite ways to document my trips is by taking photos! Not only do they make the ultimate souvenir, but I absolutely love wandering around a new place photographing my findings. It can...

      Feb 17, 2020• by livinlikestef

      Why You Should Definitely Consider Travelling Solo!

      Hi everyone! The first time I travelled solo was when I went on my Erasmus. I was 18, going on a 5 hour flight at 2AM, a 45 minute airport transfer and another 1 hour flight to Finland. I had no idea...

      Jan 19, 2020• by dianatravels

      Tips for the First-Time Solo Traveler

      Solo traveling is the most nerve-wracking and exciting thing you can ever do, and I fully recommend that you do it! Not only is traveling exciting in itself, but doing it alone teaches you so...

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