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    Apr 19, 2019• by Living_Culture_Travel

    How To Maintain Healthy Habits When Traveling

    Do you put a lot of effort into leading a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis? You will agree that it's often quite challenging to maintain those healthy habits while traveling. You may end up either...

    Mar 13, 2019• by myvirtualvacations

    5 Tips to Travel Active

    Are you like me and throw workout clothes into your suitcase even though you aren't sure you'll actually wear them? But more and more, I really DO! It's becoming very easy to burn a few calories...

    Jan 26, 2019• by GlobeWatchers

    Walking the Samaria Gorge in Crete, Greece

    As sporty as we are (you can read this with a hint of sarcasm), we walked/climbed the Samaria Gorge. This is a big Gorge in Crete of 13 kilometers long (You can choose to make it longer, but we...

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