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Hi everyone, I am a New York City Freelance Photographer from Staten Island, New York! I started my journey with photography when I was a freshman at Drew University. I took photography simply as a general education course and found my true passion in life! I then moved onto darkroom photography and found my niche! There was something so therapeutic about running the chemicals and truly being involved in the complete execution of my photographs. One of the best feelings in the world was seeing my photograph come to life through the use of different chemicals and processes! [what a time to be alive :)] There was something so spontaneous yet something so calculated throughout my time in the darkroom. That felt like my place in the world that I can escape from the hustle and chaos of everyday life. I then moved onto medium format analog and it was such an incredible experience! I had the opportunity to use a Hasselblad camera and the experience of the Hasselblad has inspired me. Throughout my time in college, I was able to live in Germany for a few months and got to travel the world and Manhattan while seeing contemporary artists and meeting with them in their studios. I also had the opportunity to meet with different museum employees in different departments like curation, exhibition designers, conservators. Learning other people's practices and crafts has truly allowed me to hone in on my skill and has made me the photographer and young woman I am today! Now that I have graduated college, I work full-time in Manhattan while still producing work whenever I get the chance. There is something so enchanting about the mundane and rare moments of everyday life that I just try to capture whatever I can! I hope that through this platform, I can reach some young people who have passion and determination to follow their dreams!

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