Dec 11, 2018• by Brooke Hails

Early bookings at Walt Disney World

Did you know that you can book a room at Walt Disney World 499 days in advance? I highly recommend booking as soon as you know you want to take a trip to Walt Disney World, but booking at least 6...

Sep 20, 2018• by lori

The Dry Tortugas

There’s a hidden gem 70 miles off the west coast of Key West and it’s called Dry Tortugas National Park. This all day excursion includes a boat ride, breakfast, lunch, snorkeling and the...

Jun 28, 2018• by Jayla Reeves

12 Lesser Known Events in Florida

Florida travel can be very nuanced if you seek out the traditional tourist experience, i.e. a beach day or a trip to any one of our fabulous amusement parks because in summer, our prime tourist...

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