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    Feb 14, 2020• by meganywhere

    Top 5 Beaches on O'ahu

    With so many beaches on the island of O’ahu, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Depending on whether you are on the windward or leeward side of the island, the beaches can vary quite dramatically...

    Feb 11, 2020• by meganywhere

    Driving the Back Road to Hana

    Lapping this side of the island is a completely different definition of “paradise” than you typically picture when you think of Maui. Driving the back road to Hana is something that few attempt...

    Aug 10, 2019• by theramblingraccoon

    Top must-do things in Maui, Hawaii

    The Hawaiian island of Maui is a destination for true nature-lovers. You can stretch out on warm, golden sands, or hit the surf for an unforgettable windsurfing or snorkeling session. Driving the...

    Jul 3, 2019• by Globetrotter

    Kaua'i adventure

    Are you looking for a fun excursion while on the island of Kaua'i? How about fun bike ride down Mt Waialeale? The draw is actually the views of Waimea Canyon. I thought it was a kick in the...

    Feb 5, 2019• by FitlifeandTravel

    Top 5 Beautiful Hikes To Explore In Oahu, Hawaii

    5 Beautiful Yet Moderate Challenging Hikes to Explore While In Hawaii Does the excitement of exploring a new place thrill you as much as it does me? Just the thought of seeing new landscapes and...

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